Kenmare, Co. Kerry
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 +353 64 66 42735
Muckross House

Muckross House and Gardens

Driving north over the N70 (Kenmare to Killarney road), you will be amazed at some breathtaking scenery as you pass Molls Gap, Ladies View, the Upper lake and Torc Waterfall.

Parking is available at each of these locations. As you travel further you will approach the world renowned 25,000 acre National Park (a gift to the Irish state in the last century).

Beautifully situated on the shores of the Middle lake is Muckross house, gardens, farms and craft shops. These all provide a fascinating insight into Victorian life and the life of Irish people over a hundred years ago.

Killarney's red and sika deer herds roam freely through the National Park. These magnificent animals are survivors of Ireland's last ice age. Although the main herd inhabit the mountain areas of Torc and Mangerton, they can frequently be seen in Muckross, especially in early morning.

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